Clients with projects to build turn to us for help selecting the right location and overseeing the process from land acquisition through entitlement, planning, permitting and construction. At every step along the way, we act as your representatives to protect your interests and ensure work is performed to the highest standards. It is through our team’s stability, creativity and professional expertise in local codes and construction processes that we are able to streamline projects to deliver on-time, within-budget results.

With a mind for aggressive long-term business planning and a consistent vision for adding value to all projects,

MacLaughlin and Company offers:

  • Establishing Architectural team
  • Developing Site Plan Based on Market Demand and Client Objectives
  • Developing Bid Drawings
  • Facilitating General Contractor Selection Process
  • Preparing Comprehensive Cost Matrix Analysis
  • Administering Project Process Meetings

There is no such thing as “business as usual” and, as such, don’t treat any two projects alike regardless of magnitude. We embrace innovation and seek the new challenges in each opportunity.

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