Worry-free investment – that’s the focal point driving our management team. Our collaborative approach includes open communication with you and your accountant, providing unmatched accuracy and stability as well as access to principal-level executives who understand the successes and pitfalls of managing real estate first hand.

It begins with understanding your goals for each property and what must happen to achieve your desired results. Understanding your objectives helps us select the right tenants, design reports that address key issues, meet accounting firm needs and recommend ways to minimize costs while improving financial performance and maintaining tenant satisfaction.

MacLaughlin and Company will always work with its building owners to ensure the best asset condition and ultimate value. We believe satisfied tenants equal successful owners and more profitable properties.

Property Management

At MacLaughlin and Company, we believe that effective property management is the key component to any successful real estate investment. Our operational knowledge, state-of-the-art software and experienced management team are the foundations that enable us to deliver market-leading asset performance. We manage every property from an ownership perspective, implementing an individualized, proactive and strategic approach to achieving your goals, ensuring that assets are aggressively and actively managed. We respond quickly to tenant needs and we take an active role when determining where responsibility lies; all the while aiming to reduce costs through sound guidelines and quality standards, consistently.

MacLaughlin and Company offers:

  • Property maintenance
    • Landscaping
    • Plumbing
    • Broken Fixtures
    • Roof Leaks
    • Dumping
    • Vagrancy
    • Vandalism
    • Parking Problems
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling & monitoring
  • Marketing & sales/leasing
  • Management, consulting & project supervision
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Assessment of property needs of costing for repairs & projects
  • Capital improvement development & implementation
  • Energy conservation analysis & implementation
  • Move-In/Move-out Inspection
  • Notices
  • Evictions

Asset Management

MacLaughlin and Company provides facilities management and financial overview services that work jointly with our property management division or other third party managers. MacLaughlin and Company provides its expert advice in determining the strategic direction of assets based on the management team’s experienced history in valuations/acquisitions, financings, operations and dispositions. We have a strong record of creating innovative acquisition structures to capture opportunities we have identified across the capital markets.

Bookkeeping can be time consuming and complicated despite its integral role in the vitality of your assets. MacLaughlin and Company’s Accounting department is equipped to deliver all client book and record keeping needs professionally, accurately and efficiently. Detailed custom monthly reports give our clients the information they need to budget, prepare property summaries and make sound decisions.

MacLaughlin and Company provides:

  • Rent and Fee Collection
  • Operating Expenses/CAM Reconciliations
  • Tenant Balance Reports
  • Payment of Invoices, Mortgages, Insurance & Property Taxes
  • Income/Expense Reports
  • Asset financial analysis
  • Owner/tenant relations
  • Investment advisory services
  • Asset repositioning/marketing
  • Market analysis/studies
  • Asset disposition strategy

One of our most important philosophies is our availability and accessibility to all owners/tenants in the properties we manage.

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