We’ve seen it grow progressively but exponentially over two decades.

The digital frontier (part internet, part social media, part mobile tech) has become something of a translucent overlay for the real world which it now almost entirely encompasses. Truly, for almost every inch of real real estate out there, there’s a digital map, site, Wiki page, app or Facebook page for it.

In much the same way that we buy up land and transfer it between ourselves, we also secure digital real estate, grabbing at thin air to lock up ideas, trends and influence. Sometimes for societal change and often more so for profit.

Industrial real estate isn’t marketed or presented the same way that residential or retail real estate is. The imagery doesn’t sport any bells or whistles, banners, cute yard gnomes, fancy landscaping or pictures of puppies and bouquets. We serve business owners, big and small, so that they can serve the consumer population. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a hidden inherent beauty in the industrial sectors of the world and for those who look for flush loading docks and particular clear heights to suit their business needs, there is plenty that a savvy marketer can zero in on and harness in order to light up their eyes.

For a second generation family company like MacLaughlin and Co., built on strong local business relationships born from years of hard-earned trust and a commitment to rural, old school integrity, being splashy in the sharp edges of the digital age feels counter-intuitive and counter-productive.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. And the idea behind The Triple Net is to show that there can be a bridge between the heart and soul of what makes us valuable to our community and the crazy, fast paced world around it.