In celebration of our 50 year anniversary, we are delighted to announce the launch of the new and improved MacLaughlin and Company website. The new site was designed and built in a joint venture with Post Modern Marketing, a Northern California digital marketing agency that specializes in the commercial real estate and construction industries.

Post Modern Marketing was able to redesign our site with a modern and clean look and feel. However, the goal of the redesign wasn’t to simply look more modern; at its core, the project was a focused effort in creating a website that provides value to our community of business owners and real estate professionals through a rethinking of what it means to have been a local fixture in the market for 50 years.

Happy, Happy 50th Birthday!

SKMAfter being in “the game” for 50 years, a family owned enterprise such as MacLaughlin and Company is something of a seasoned veteran with a steady and calming influence that offers a value beyond the quality of business. For us, having the continued opportunity to serve the Northern California business community isn’t about competing with other brokerages or growing the company beyond our beloved region. It’s about acknowledging that what separates MacLaughlin and Company from other firms is our locally-grown sensibility, embracing our role as an experienced resource to business owners, big and small, as well as the brokerage community of which we’ve been a part of since 1965.

Bringing MacLaughlin and Company into the 21st century has been a priority to us for some time, yet it wasn’t until recently that we were presented with the perfect opportunity to make that into a reality when Chris Post, the CEO of Post Modern Marketing (and a former commercial real estate agent himself), and his team came highly recommended from both people in the industry as well as prior clients through their company yelp profile. There had always been pressure to update the site aesthetically but rather than rush the transition, we opted for a more patient, deliberate approach in order to truly craft a client experience that would be fulfilling beyond just a fancy database of commercial properties.

A New Era

The digital frontier has revolutionized how industries do business and interact with their client bases and commercial real estate is no exception. Self-start enterprise is all the rage these days, in part due to the digital revolution of the past decade, as the wealth of information and resources through the internet has allowed the entrepreneur more DIY mettle than ever before.

It’s for that very reason that we at MacLaughlin and Company wanted to create a place that served both the business and brokerage communities by providing the versatility, access and reliability that complements their busy, fast paced schedules. We have, between our principals alone, well over 100 years of combined experience dealing with just about every facet of the business. Post Modern Marketing, due to familiarity with the needs of both prospects and other CRE agents, were able to design a site that is more functional than it is aesthetic and addresses some of the things that frustrate real estate professionals daily.


Our vision for the website is that it acts as much a resource center as it does a home for our business. Through our blog, we hope to share some of our own experiences, both the successes and not-so-successes, in leasing, property management or real estate investment to name a few. We hope to provide educational pieces on commonly encountered terms, concepts and practices. Our Mortgage Advisory aims to not only offer solutions to difficult financial situations but also educate business owners on, what is often, the most complicated aspect of their real estate inquiries; funding.

For example, Post redesigned our available property listing section, creating a new, easy-to-navigate format that not only showcases our property listings in a visually engaging manner but also with accessibility in mind (getting in touch with someone at MacLaughlin and Company is now as easy as a single click or swipe in most instances), with marketing materials readily available (anything from brochures to floorplans), all pertinent information clearly displayed and even added a video tour functionality that we plan on rolling out in the coming months. You know, in case you can’t make it out to view the property due to your 2015 (and beyond) schedule!

This, as well as many of the backend improvements (like those that will facilitate how our marketing department is able to interact with our community) is an example of how we reevaluated the website and determined its role in our business model.

Simply put, we designed the new MacLaughlin and Company website with you in mind.


We, at MacLaughlin and Company, thoroughly enjoyed working with the fine folks at Post Modern Marketing on this project and look forward to future collaborations! We can’t say enough about their professionalism and expertise. In the meantime, if you need a new website or online marketing, you can contact Post Modern Marketing here and tell ‘em we sent ya!

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